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So....WHATSUP now

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Topic: So....WHATSUP now
Posted By: Narinder
Subject: So....WHATSUP now
Date Posted: 01September2014 at 1:59am

Whats up app….


Today I received  a four minute video of programme of Veerji on “whatsup”. In that small video, Veerji  explained  the excessive use of electronic devices by our young generation.   He said that over use of such modern technology has become the possession+addiction+obsession in the young minds of our children leading  them to neglect their old parents/ grandparents at home. He cautioned for its over-use and  advised to use it as per the necessity in our daily life. Materialistic needs never end and they lead us nowhere but sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. In all his lectures, he urges masses to discard materialistic or wordly desires and live a true life.


I wish to share that for last few months I was watching most of the people in my office almost sunk in mobile phones….texting, reading and smiling at the jokes/videos they received. Observing something new, I too asked my co-worker to install the same application…….


No doubt it was good time pass, everything as… instant……clicking the photo and circulating to group….any message, any joke, any video. No doubt a lot of fun too. But in few days, I observed that I am losing  my interest in work, perhaps affecting my performance.  I became more keen on hearing the ring tone of another message/ jokes/videos of my friends/family rather what my officer instructed.


But sometimes, few talks click on our mind and make us determined to know the real world……… Certainly, when we circulate good things over media, it helps all and it is good for all too.


Posted By: Jujhar
Date Posted: 02September2014 at 2:37am
Yes u r rite...its a addiction....its good to share gud things over such media...but most important is to follow wat we share....I m also one of them who use it in recent times I hv tried to reduce it a bit and try to concentrate on other important things in life too.....

�.���`�."Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it"�.���`�.�
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Posted By: keerat2
Date Posted: 02September2014 at 3:18am
Hanji, even i agree to it...its a big addiction nd hard to get rid off once addicted.....agreed dat dere is a lot of positive stuff to learn n share through media bt attyms it gets into nerves when u c ppl sttng next to u nt tlkng to u bt bz on phnes......every thing has pros n cons if used properly......use karo bt fix ur priorities n dnt neglect imp things.......

Posted By: satvinder
Date Posted: 11September2014 at 6:23am
rightly said ji...addiction of any sort is bad.Do things with full Awareness and maintain the right Balance...thats the Key to Healthy Living.

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