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CHILDREN, Parents Please Stay Out from this Topic

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Printed Date: 25March2019 at 6:31pm

Topic: CHILDREN, Parents Please Stay Out from this Topic
Posted By: Ur Frnd - Jaspreet
Subject: CHILDREN, Parents Please Stay Out from this Topic
Date Posted: 31January2015 at 11:28pm
Since we can always have difference of opinion because one party see things as PARENT and other party see things as CHILD :) So unless you are ready to see your self as CHILD of Supreme Authority whatever you call it / he / she :) this topic is not relevant to you :) 

I am sorry in advance for disturbing your peace of mind that you are right as parents in doing what you do. :)

I learnt from CHILDREN this Amazing Lesson :)
A Child no matter rich, poor or middle class, already know how to enjoy life by playing with whatever he is offered - sand, broken toy, quality toy, nothing, everything. I really see Rich Children playing on the Road Side near a Construction work site or on red lights all around Delhi :)
Then one fine day, their parents ruin them by saying look at that child and do exactly the same. That is tragic moment worth crying at, i.e. end of his /.her LIFE because now on he will live looking at others feeling he is different and thats not good enough. What a pathetic truth caused by OWN MOST TRUSTED HUMAN BEINGS ON PLANET EARTH called mother and father OUT OF IGNORANCE. (And it is not their fault at all because if you look at their life when they were children they were also killed by their most trusted parents) :)


Posted By: Narinder
Date Posted: 05February2015 at 6:06am

Recently we few ladies of office went to our friend’s house where she introduced us with her NRI daughter and her 02 years old child. The child was playing and enjoying as she was the sole attraction amongst us.  Somebody tried to pat the child with affection but ....the child felt distraction from her game and perhaps in an fury,  gave a little slap to the person who intervened her. The mother felt embarrassed to see how dare his little daughter slapped an elder..and also in front of so many people….She got up, took the child to another room grumbling…punish time, punish time…. We all sat wondering and looking  with mouth open. Our friend clarified  that as she lives in USA, they have a culture of punishing the children when they do wrong ….they are supposed to be punished… And this practice is since babyhood…..And the child has to say sorry to the person.


I tried to object that she is not even completed 2 years….can she understand the meaning of hitting someone or saying sorry….. No one even responded that it is not concerned to them….mother is there to tackle the child…


A week has past…but I am unable to forget the crying face of innocent child and her well educated mother……forcing the child to say sorry….


Posted By: Ur Frnd - Jaspreet
Date Posted: 06February2015 at 12:52am
Narinder Ji, here is what I do but I do not recommend it to you. It is only for sharing purpose. :) Just an Idea Starter for this Threat of Topic :) Many will disagree with me :) And thats perfectly okay with me :)

I tell the next person clearly and on his / her face exactly what I did not like in the whole scene and how it is ruining his / her future too in the process. Afterall, it is we who develop are web of life and we get caught in it.

Then I say that for now, if you consider my words valuable and look into doing something about it preferably practicing something on daily basis and talking to me once a week on phone about your progress, then we will continue our association else I am sorry I do not associate with such people at all. Please do not mind.

In this process, I completely refrain from associating with such human beings. Deep inside, I strongly believe that if we do anything other than leaving that person alone along with clear reason why we are dis-associating then that person gets alot of free time to talk to himself / herself about what we just opened up for them and if they are truly ready to tranform their life, they will come back to you. If they value their ego more, they will stay in their dark room but they will always know why you left them for forever. :) 

I practice this and end up having only people who practice doing good and sharing with me on phone on weekly basis more about their success in life. 

I am surprised to discover that when people start with developing ONLY 1 GOOD HABIT, they automatically get encouraged to develop another, then another and then another until they transform their whole life amazingly well. And I keep getting only positive feedback in my life every day :) At times, some old people also wake up and approach me and then I assist them also in developing such powerful GOOD HABITS one at a time. :)


Posted By: Jujhar
Date Posted: 06February2015 at 2:01am
ITs really v sad to see such behaviour from educated people Narinder ji... :'(

�.���`�."Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it"�.���`�.�
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Posted By: Ur Frnd - Jaspreet
Date Posted: 07February2015 at 1:58am
You may ignore my views. its perfectly okay with me :)

When I have to say something wrong about a person to that person, I make sure I have 2 good things to speak out first being prepared in my mind :)

So my 4 year old daughter loves when she is to get something pointed out from me :) She knows she will discover 2 good things about herself along with only 1 bad thing :)

Just like you cannot open the heart of a person without his / her permission, do the surgery correctly but then forget to close it too :) same way, JUST IN CASE, you truly want to be of value to all, you cannot skip this lesson. :)


Posted By: Jujhar
Date Posted: 03December2015 at 3:46am

1: Warn your Girl Child Never to sit on anyone's laps no matter the situation including uncles.

2: Avoid Getting Dressed in front of your child once he/she is 2 years old. Learn to excuse them or yourself.

3. Never allow any adult refer to your child as 'my wife' or 'my husband'

4. Whenever your child goes out to play with friends make sure you look for a way to find out what kind of play they do, because young people now sexually abuse themselves.

5. Never force your child to visit any adult he or she is not comfortable with and also be observant if your child becomes too fond of a particular adult.

6. Once a very lively child suddenly becomes withdrawn you may need to patiently ask lots of questions from your child.

7. Carefully educate your grown ups about the right values of sex . If you don't, the society will teach them the wrong values.

8: It is always advisable you go through any new Material like cartoons you just bought for them before they start seeing it themselves.

9. Ensure you activate parental controls on your cable networks and advice your friends especially those your child(ren) visit(s) often.

10. Teach your 3 year olds how to wash their private parts properly and warn them never to allow anyone touch those areas and that
includes you (remember, charity begins from home and with you).

11: Blacklist some materials/associates you think could threaten the sanity of your child (this includes music, movies and even friends and families).

12. Let your child(ren) understand the value of standing out of the

13: Once your child complains about a particular person, don't keep quiet about it. Take up the case and show them you can defend them.

Remember, we are either parents or parents-to-be.

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�.���`�."Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it"�.���`�.�
Request- This is Everyone's forum, so please participate in it by posting...

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